What is Goli otok? How to get to Goli otok?

goli otok izlet

Goli otok  “Alcatraz on the Adriatic” In the northwest of the Adriatic island of Rab, where the most beautiful sandy beaches are located, such as Paradise Beach, Lopar. The settlement is primarily known for St. Marin, the founder of San Marino, the oldest existing European republic (founded in 301). Namely, during the great persecution of […]

Best excursions from island Rab

Izleti s Raba

The island of Rab The island of Rab with the neighbouring islands forms the Rab archipelago which, located in the Kvarner area, is in a highly favourable geographical traffic and geographical-tourist position in relation to the European and domestic tourist market. Although Rab is a beautiful island with over 30 sandy beaches, some of which […]

Souvenirs of the island of Rab – Indigenous products of the island of Rab

Indigenous products of the island of Rab   With a long tradition of crafts and handicrafts, Rab is known for the production of artistic and useful objects of exceptional beauty, we have won some of the most interesting souvenirs of the island of Rab. See more about the crafts whose indigenous products we are talking […]

What is the Rabska Fjera? The biggest medieval summer festival

Rabska fjera

Rabska Fjera Rabska fjera is the oldest and largest medieval summer festival in Croatia. It is based on a tradition that began on July 21, 1364, when the Rab City Council decided to pay tribute to King Louis the Great, who liberated Rab from Venetian rule. In the past, Fjera lasted 14 days, when the […]

Cultural sights of the island of Rab

Rab Cathedral

Rab has a rich history in which many famous people stand out. The island was inhabited by the Illyrians in 350 BC, and in the 1st century Rab became a Roman municipality that developed into an important center on the east coast of the Adriatic called Felix Arba (Arb is an Illyrian word meaning wooded, […]

10 Attractions of the island of Rab

Atrakcije otoka Raba

Attractions of the island of Rab Somewhat south of Krk and east of Cres, in the Kvarner Bay lies another beautiful island of Lijepa Naša – Rab, popularly called “Happy Island”. The area has a Mediterranean climate, which includes long, dry and warm summers, as well as milder and rainier winters. Moreover, with over 2,400 […]

What makes the church of St. John the Evangelist on Rab special?


CHURCH OF SAINT JOHN THE EVANGELIST Until the 13th century, there were Benedictine sisters in the monastery, and then the bishop handed over the church and monastery to the Franciscans, and in the following centuries one of the most important monasteries of this order in Dalmatia developed there. Directly to the church of the Holy […]

The struggle for the inheritance of the crown caused the conflict between Rab and Zadar

After the death of the powerful Croatian-Hungarian King Louis I, who gained the entire Adriatic coast from Rijeka to Kotor in persistent battles with Venice, his country was weakened and exhausted by long-lasting struggles for heritage (late 14th century), as at that time. frequent incursions of the Turks. These circumstances finally decided the fate of […]

Medieval punishments for wicked people from Rab

The Rab Protostatute from 1234 tells the story, and mentions for the first time the methods of torturing the evil people of Rab. It is an important part of Rab’s history because it precedes the 14th century Rab Statute (written around 1326), but also because it contains the oldest records of regulations. Three curiosities are […]

How did Columbus, the Turks and Vasco da Gama screw up the people of Rab?

In the middle of the 15th century, the rich maritime and trading town of Rab was severely affected by the plague, which ravaged the island in 1449 and 1456. Of the 10,000 inhabitants, the plague is responsible for the deaths of over half of the people. The oldest part of the city, Kaldanac, never recovered […]