The Rab Protostatute from 1234 tells the story, and mentions for the first time the methods of torturing the evil people of Rab. It is an important part of Rab’s history because it precedes the 14th century Rab Statute (written around 1326), but also because it contains the oldest records of regulations. Three curiosities are written within the protostat;

1. The so-called God’s judgment, that is, carrying red-hot iron as punishment. This practice lasted until 1281.

2. The regulation for punishing a person who wounded someone with a sword, stone or wood imposes a fine. However, if the person does not have to pay the fine, the right hand should be cut off.

3. Regulations for women who prepare poisonous herbs. However, she could not be punished by God’s judgment, because she was considered unworthy of punishment, but she could be burned at the stake if a person died from grass.

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