Goli otok  “Alcatraz on the Adriatic” In the northwest of the Adriatic island of Rab, where the most beautiful sandy beaches are located, such
The island of Rab The island of Rab with the neighbouring islands forms the Rab archipelago which, located in the Kvarner area, is in a highly favourable geographical traffic and

What makes the church of St. John the Evangelist on Rab special?

CHURCH OF SAINT JOHN THE EVANGELIST Until the 13th century, there were Benedictine sisters in the monastery, and then the bishop handed over the church and monastery to the

The struggle for the inheritance of the crown caused the conflict between Rab and Zadar

After the death of the powerful Croatian-Hungarian King Louis I, who gained the entire Adriatic coast from Rijeka to Kotor in persistent battles with Venice, his country was weakened

Medieval punishments for wicked people from Rab

The Rab Protostatute from 1234 tells the story, and mentions for the first time the methods of torturing the evil people of Rab. It is an important part of

How did Columbus, the Turks and Vasco da Gama screw up the people of Rab?

In the middle of the 15th century, the rich maritime and trading town of Rab was severely affected by the plague, which ravaged the island in 1449 and 1456.

Battle of Lepant and Citizen of Rab

The greatest naval battle ever — the Battle of Lepanto — was held on October 7, 1571. The forces of the Holy League numbered 150 galleys of the Venetian
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Citizen of Rab – Manager and dam of Hawaii’s independence

The Dominis are probably the most famous noble family in Rab, often internationally respected and influential. Most people who know something about Rab know about Markantun de Dominis –